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Ward 5 at Kungälv’s Hospital: ”Our walkers really get put to the test”

Ward 5 at Kungälv’s Hospital:

”Our walkers really get put to the test”

Colleagues Majvor, Frida and Anna from Ward 5 at Kungälv’s Hospital


Ward 5 at Kungälv’s Hospital is a rehabilitation ward where patients are sent following operations and surgery of various types. Recovery begins here and as the ward is the first link in a rehabilitation chain great demands are placed on personnel and their healthcare aids.


Personnel on Ward 5 at Kungälv’s Hospital are completely dependent on fully functioning aids in order to help patients get
moving again in the best way based on their individual circumstances. The ward has used GATE walkers for many years, both as stand aids and to assist and
support patients with walking.
The ward has five or six walkers available and they are in use all the time.
“Our walkers really get put to the test. They’re subjected to major stress all the time because initially our patients require a lot of care while we also need to get them back on their feet as quickly as possible,” says Frida, who uses the walkers often every day, as do colleagues Majvor and Anna.


”A lot of us have worked here for many years”

Last spring Ward 5 added GATE’S new Bure Rise & Go – a walker and stand-aid with power rise function – to its fleet of walkers.
“Bure Rise & Go adds a whole new dimension to walkers. The knee supports and harnesses mean that staff are able to help the patient stand up without heavy lifting or suffering uncomfortable, stressful working situations,” Majvor tells us, and adds:
“The walker also contributes to a gentler, more comfortable standing manoeuvre for patients who are often still tender and have limited strength. Our working environment is so much better with Bure Rise & Go. There is considerably less strain on our backs, shoulders and arms now compared to the more manual lifts conventional walkers entail.”

Frida chimes in:
“Our patients are only here for a few weeks but lot of us have worked here for many years, which adds up to a lot of manual transfers, so for us good functional aids make a real difference.”


“We provide more standing assistance with fewer staff”

The fact that the walker can be equipped with a platform for short transfers is also greatly appreciated by staff on Kungälv Hospital’s Ward 5. Bure Rise & Go is seen as a versatile aid that suits many different users and truly
allows individuals to make full use of their capabilities.
“It also frees up ward resources to a certain extent as we are able to provide more standing assistance with fewer staff. It’s also an advantage to be able to use a single product as a stand aid, for transfers and training a patient’s walking,” explains Anna, adding:
“Our patients are also positive toward the product as they regard the stand aid function as safe and stable.”






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