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Product News 2015

Product News – Autumn 2015

Here at GATE we have extensive experience and a long tradition of product and concept development and we always endeavour to be at the leading edge when it comes to the design and innovation of healthcare aids. This means we constantly strive to evaluate and develop our existing products to make them even better.

Take a look below to see what the rest of 2015 has in store. For further information, please contact our customer service department on +46 (0)371-318 00 or email




GATE has begun the process of upgrading it electronics from analogue to digital. This will allow us to begin offering more functions such as multiple speeds, service indicators etc.         

The products Bure Double 2.0 and Bure Rise & Go DB (see below) will use digital technology right from the start. Other products (not Bure XL) will be progressively upgraded during the late autumn of 2015.

The new electronics will use a symbol – DIGITAL – to distinguish them from older components. NOTE! Analogue and digital components cannot be mixed – they will not work together.

We will also be updating our battery in connection with the digital upgrade. The new battery will be equipped with an ON/OFF button that can be used whenever a product will be out of use for a while. The new battery can be used for both analogue and digital components.


Rise & Go DB with electric frame width adjustment


As a complement to the current Bure Rise & Go model, we have developed a version with electrically driven frame width adjustment. This makes it easy to move the walker right up close to users without worrying about wheelchair width, chair width or bed design. It also helps personnel assist patients to stand up.


With the frame in its outer position, the walker is extra stable and can be used to best advantage by the user. It also makes things easier for patients who need extra walking space, while the low floor clearance minimizes the problem of getting up close to patients e.g. when they are sitting on their beds.


The new Bure Rise & Go DB has part number 56-309. Our earlier Bure Rise & Go model – 56-316 – will remain available for the time being.


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New Version Bure Double – Bure Double 2.0

We have developed an entirely new version of Bure Double to replace the earlier model. Bure Double 2.0 will be able to handle users up to 150 kg compared to the previous 130 kg.


Whats more, the new walker has a lower floor clearance, which minimizes the problem of getting up close to patients e.g. when they are sitting on their beds. The earlier model will remain available for the rest of the year or for as long as stocks last. Bure Double 2.0 has part number 56-303.


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