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Maternity Ward Walkers are Good News

Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm uses Bure walkers from GATE on a regular basis as an aid on the maternity ward. Walkers make it easier for mothers in labour to move around, breathe and relax.

“Being able to move around during childbirth is a good, gentle way for mothers to advance their labour. Walkers make it easier for them to take a short walk in the corridors,” says Kerstin Sjöblom, Head of Care in the maternity ward at Karolinska.

They’ve been using walkers at Karolinska University Hospital for several years and they are much appreciated by patients and staff alike. 

“Walkers are also used for standing support by mothers in labour to lean on during contractions. Walkers make it easier for them to relax and breathe, which are both crucial during childbirth,” says Kerstin, who also feels walkers make it easier for her personnel:

“Above all, they help us encourage and convince mothers in labour to stand up and move around. It’s also easy to adjust the height of a walker and thus adapt them to each individual patient. The adjustable armrests are another great feature, and they are also soft and comfortable, which is important.”

While no study has been carried out on the impact walkers have on labour, Kerstin is convinced that they are significant for patient turnover on the maternity ward.

"Staying mobile during labour usually moves the process along and mothers can leave the ward earlier, which means we free up space for the next patient more quickly. But the Walkers greatest value comes from its fantastic ability to help patients move around during labour; this is incredibly important," concludes Kerstin Sjöblom.

Demo and further information about Bure Standtall Walkers

Walkers are a product that make day-to-day healthcare work easier. They are a functional, cost-effective mobility aid and rehabilitation tool you should not be without.

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Kerstin Sjöblom (left), Head of Care and
Midwife Sima Nouraddini with a Bure
Double Standtall Walker.


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