GATE is a Swedish rehabilitation aids company with a long tradition of product research and development. We create new solutions, new possibilities and new opportunities for patients and carers alike by applying new technologies to our passion for design and nursing. We help create a safer, brighter everyday world.

GATE‘s personnel have long experience in the rehabilitation aids industry and share a common passion with you the customer – creating a better quality of life and new possibilities for users and carers alike.

GATE‘s service centre, head office, manufacturing and warehousing, is from September 2013 in Reftele, the Province of Småland in Sweden. Our able sales staff is located close to you and is always ready to provide personal advice from both human and financial perspectives.

A part of Sweden. We have a long research and development tradition at GATE. We endeavor to be at the leading edge when it comes to design and innovation for healthcare aids. We are located in Sweden in northern Europe and we sell our products throughout the world.

Design and development

GATE develops and sells high quality rehabilitation aids in Sweden and large parts of the world such as Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania. Among GATE s proprietary products are standtall walkers, rollators and hygiene chairs, all with innovative designs and novel solutions.

World-beating products

GATE is also a dealer for rehabilitation aids from some of the world other leading manufacturers. The ability to substantiate product function and results is extremely important to GATE, which is why we prefer to work with products that are well-proven and which have comprehensive clinical documentation.

Design philosophy

Common to all of GATE s products is that little something extra – a component, a solution or materials that no other manufacturer has. Read more about our design philosophy below.


GATE s approach to design makes it stand out from the crowd. We refuse to follow the beaten track; we seek to create products that have their own intrinsic value, are made using modern materials and designs with innovative – sometimes unexpected – solutions.