Bure S Stand Tall Walker

Bure S is a support walker and a narrower version of the Bure Standard, specially adapted to work in confined spaces and to perform flexibly in every situation. Bure S is 66 cm wide and has an internal dimension of 30–45 cm. Bure S is available in three versions: Electric, Gas and Manual.

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Bure S Stand Tall Walker
Max. User Weight 150kg
Width 66cm
Length 79cm
Height 91-133cm
Armrest/Internal Dimension 30-45cm
56-337 Adjustable Side Support
56-329 Armrest Elevation Cushion
56-326-0 Hand Brake Kit
56-326-1 One-Handed Brake
56-389 Soft Basket with Attachment
56-334 Drip Holder with Attachment
56-336 Oxygen Bottle Attachment
56-380 Gas Piston 200N
56-358 Smaller Castor
56-332 Power Rise Electric Motor Kit
56-331 Stirrup

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