EASY SoftBack

Product Code: 56-270, 56-270/LOW, 56-272

EASY is a well-designed hygiene chair with a great many advanced functions. The hygiene chair is designed with telescoping pillars to create as much space and flexibility as possible for care personnel. The chair is suitable for use in shower and toilet environments in care institutions and at home.

EASY can be raised, lowered and tilted forwards and backwards even with the user in the chair. It’s functions make the EASY  Unequaled aid for personnel while also providing great comfort for the user (for example, its ability to tilt really helps take the strain).

EASY is available with our new, soft comfort seat with an opening at the rear for a more natural, hygienic working method.

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EASY SoftBack
Max. User Weight 150kg
Width - External 65cm
Seat Height 53-93cm
Width Between Armrests 49cm
Seat Depth 45cm

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