Mover Aqua

Product Code: 53-301

Mover is a transfer platform developed to provide smooth, convenient transfer transfer indoor/flat surfaces. It’s easy to use and helps transfer patients safely and conveniently. Mover has a narrow base frame and double castors for easy manoeuvrability even in confined spaces. Mover has a stable platform and comfortable seat cushions, and thanks to constant eye contact with the carer, the user always feels comfortable and confident. The new MoverAqua is specially designed to be used also in showers. PU cushions together with stainless solutions makes this possible. Hygiene management is improved as well.

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Mover Aqua
Max. User Weight 180kg
Width - External 63.5cm
Width - Step 38cm
Height 107cm
Length 96cm
Seat Height 80cm
Weight 28kg

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