Do you have any questions or are you a little unsure about some of our products? If so it can be a little difficult to choose the alternative that is best suited to you, your patient or your ward. It’s not always easy to digest all of the reading material, so our customer service department is happy to help. Call us on +46 371 318 00 and we’ll put you on the right track! 


Renting the products you need is an alternative to purchasing or leasing. Our rental solution includes delivery, collection and refurbishment. These days we have standard concepts for the rental of anti-decubitus mattresses, If you would like to rent any other items from our product range, please contact customer services on +46 371 318 00 we will try to find a rental set-up suited to your needs.

Delivery and installation

Delivery of all GATE products takes place right away, most often within three days of your placing an order. For an extra charge, GATE will deliver and install the product on site at your location. Please contact customer services on +46 371 318 00 for further information. 


If you need help with financing your purchase we can probably be of assistance. We work together with a number of different banks and finance companies in order to tailor the perfect solution for you. A financing proposal may for example include purchase, installation, service and maintenance – all for a fixed monthly charge. Sound interesting? Please contact customer services on +46 371 318 00.

Support 365 days a year 

Do you have any questions about a product or its use? We are happy to answer your questions and you can reach us EVERY day of the year (even at Christmas) between 08:00 and 17:00. Call our service line on +46 371 338 99.

Service, maintenance and refurbishment

All products require care and maintenance, especially if they are used frequently. Proper maintenance also significantly increases the lifetime of your equipment.

We are able to carry out service and maintenance of your particular product based on an individually adapted plan. We will clean it, refurbish it and service it and perform function and safety checks. Where necessary we will also replace wear parts with genuine replacement parts.

We are on call every day of the year regarding our mattresses, which means we deliver and collect mattresses every day. We also refurbish and service pump and mattress brands other than our own. For enquiries, prices and orders, please contact customer services on +46 371 318 00. 


GATE can help you with training all of the personnel who come in contact with our products in one way or another. We tailor training to suit your special requirements. Please contact customer services on +46 371 318 00 for further information.